We must realize our highest potential; it's crucial to elevate the frequency of consciousness here on Earth.



Need guidance? 

Before our session, I ask that you write down a few questions that you would like your reading to help you with. As you prepare your questions for exploration, focus on the clarity that you would like to get on a particular situation, person, or thing. Recording our session and note-taking is highly recommended.




Are you having trouble with a certain situation, person, or thing? Perhaps you are not even sure what the issue is, but something doesn't feel right and it's affecting you negatively. As a clairvoyant medium who can feel your energy and talk with ethereal beings, I can work with you to uncover your authentic self and help you to find the answers you are looking for. Consider me, a multidimensional advisor, who can help you to align your Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is when we are balance, that we are finally able to live as our Soul demands; free. 

If you are finally at a point where YOU WANT to breakthrough a harmful situation or toxic state of being, then we can work together to build a therapy plan custom to your needs and goals. 


energetic healing Therapy

Feeling out of whack? Perhaps you are having trouble sleeping or struggle to break free from a drug or food dependence. I can work with my guides to physically scan your body to explore blocks and imbalances that are presenting themselves in physical form. I work with my guides to understand and articulate any concerns and recommendations for how to heal you, which could include the elimination or addition of situations, people, supplements, food, etc. After I work with you to remove the stored toxins, I energetically flood your body with light for healing.